How do I sign up?

Embark on the journey of rewarding companionship by creating a free account online.
There's no minimum spending requirement—just the promise of abundant rewards
for your cherished four-legged friends!

How long do I have to use my points?

Your points are precious, and we want you to make the most of them! They expire 12 months after earning, so log in to your account anytime to check your balance and ensure those rewards find their way to your furry pals.

How do I spend my points?

At checkout, the power is in your hands. Choose how many points you want to redeem for dollars off your order. It's a simple equation: 100 points equal $1 off. Keep in mind, though, that points cannot be redeemed if you're already using another promotion or discount code.

What is a Loyalty Tier, and how is this calculated?

Loyalty is not just a word; it's a status earned through your support. Our Loyalty tiers are calculated based on your spending with EAC orders over 12 months. Once you reach a tier, bask in the glory of your Loyalty status for the next 12 months from the day it was achieved.

How will I know when I have reached a new EAC Loyalty Tier?

Imagine the fanfare! When your spending hits a tier threshold, a congratulatory email awaits you, welcoming you into the esteemed ranks of a new Loyalty Tier.

What are the advantages of becoming a rewards member?

Being part of our Rewards Program is like having a VIP pass to perks and joy. Earn points with each purchase, plus additional points for following us on social media, leaving reviews, and more. As you ascend the tiers, enjoy exclusive perks such as free shipping*, members-only offers, and delightful free gifts*. Discover the full array of perks on our rewards page and make each engagement with us
even more rewarding for you and your beloved pets.

Terms & Conditions

Any part of the EAC Loyalty Rewards program may be amended, changed or cancelled by EAC at any time without reason or notice.